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Chipset heat sink

What is a Chipset?

Imagine yourself driving and coming to a stop at an intersection. This intersection is unlike any yo...
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PoE Camera

What is PoE?

Let’s say you work for a security company and are installing cameras at a job site. When hooking u...
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NAS Storage array

NAS and SAN: The Differences

NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) are two different types of solutions t...
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UEFI Diagram

What is UEFI

When you first turn on your computer, it doesn’t load you straight into your operating system does...
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fix for loud computer

How To Deal with A Loud Computer

Imagine you’re deep at work in front of your computer. All of your concentration is focused on the...
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Frame Rate: What is it?

In our last blog we talked about refresh rate. As a result, we now know displays can refresh up to h...