Custom Chassis Design

Custom Rackmount Chassis Meet Specific Application Requirements

3U with touchscreen by General TechnicsGet precise benefits for your application:

  • Maximize your internal or removable storage
  • Minimize rack depth and height
  • Match the color and appearance of existing hardware
  • Preserve your brand with silkscreen and artwork options
  • Ensure that all components are properly cooled and easily accessible
  • Provide secure and simple mounting for proprietary parts
  • Accommodate custom controls and panel cutouts

Custom Chassis Bring the Right Technology to Your Brand

Match your brand and meet system demands with custom-designed chassis — design your own or let our engineers design them for you.

At General Technics, we start this process by listening. By understanding size and weight restrictions, storage requirements, the kind of drive bays or custom controls needed on the front panel, the quantity of internal drives and optical drives, the system board and processor, and the types and model numbers of any add-on cards to be used, our General Technics design engineers can create a precisely custom chassis that meets your specific needs.


Custom chassis typically follow these process phases:

      • Concept: We listen to your needs, sketch ideas, create overview drawings and  iterate with you to product an accurate cost and timeline estimate.
      • Modeling: We create 3D models of your systems specific components and assemble them in a layout that meets your needs for cooling, moise, and cost.
      • Detailing: Using your feedback, we begin fully detailing the model with threaded holes, fasteners, hardware, mounting posts, and molding parts to find the exact final location of every component. We then create detailed dimensional drawings and documentation for fabrication, and generate quotes for accurate quantity pricing, delivery options, and timeframe.
      • Fabrication and Testing: Upon receipt of a purchase order, we source components and begin fabricating, then acquire prototypes, resolve any issues, and deliver them to you for functional testing. We can then make any final modifications to meet any additional needs realized.
      • Production and Delivery: Now, your custom design is ready for a full quantity production order. We can help you find the optimal number of chassis to order to fit your budget and take advantage of economies of scale.

Custom Rackmount Chassis Design Projects

Interested in designing a custom rackmount chassis with us?