Custom Rackmount Chassis

Custom Designed and Branded Rackmount Chassis

Liquid Cooled CPU Correlator by GT

  • Precise mechanical and electrical designs
  • Built to meet footprint, cooling, noise, or port/connection requirements
  • 3D modeling of components
  • Quick prototypes
  • Custom colors and branding

Custom Rackmount Chassis Bring Your Technology and Brand Together

At General Technics, we know an off-the-shelf chassis with pre-determined connections and colors rarely meets the specific demands of a precise application. General Technics specializes in creating branded, client-specific solutions that meet requirements like footprint, cooling, noise, future flexibility, or port/connection requirements. General Technics teams take care to create drawings or prototypes quickly, so you can get an idea of your final product as quickly as possible, make any changes easily, and keep your application moving forward. Lastly, we design exterior branding to match your company color palette and test every chassis before moving to full-scale production or delivery.

Custom Rackmount Chassis Projects

Interested in developing a custom rackmount chassis with us?