Custom-Designed Rackmount Controllers and Chassis for Your Application

Custom 3U NVR by General TechnicsCustom-designed rackmount controllers from General Technics meet the technical demands of your application, while custom-designed rackmount chassis package your system in an enclosure that fits the look and feel of your company, and custom solutions to overcome obsolescence all allow our clients to incorporate new measurement science and instrumentation into their systems without disrupting operations as a whole. At General Technics, we specialize in creating branded, client-specific solutions for each customer, taking care to create drawings or prototypes, so you can get an idea of your final product as quickly as possible, and keep your application moving forward.


In addition, General Technics works with aero/defense clients to replace obsolete instrumentation or software in applications, strategically selecting new instrumentation to future proof systems from suffering similar challenges again.

Custom Chassis and Controllers Complete Your System

Custom chassis, rackmount controllers, and obsolescence solutions that fit seamlessly into your system.

Custom Rackmount Chassis

Exterior branding to match your company colors palette and materials, and internal specifications to meet requirements like cooling and connections.

Custom Rackmount Controllers

The right motherboard, size, and software for your particular application, with connections for custom cards or cards from major providers like Keysight, NI, or Pickering.

Custom Solution for Obsolescence

Integrate new motherboards that meet the requirements of legacy instrumentation so your system remains viable without the time or expense of a complete overhaul.

Keep Your Application Moving Forward With General Technics Services

General Techics Customer Service

Receive Plans or Prototypes Quickly

We know your timelines are imperative, so once we start a project, we move quickly to prototype or plan your system and provide 3D renderings or detailed drawings so you’re able to see your solution, make any adjustments, and keep moving forward.


Maintain the Footprint You Need

At General Technics, we work to create solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing operations. We customize controllers to fit your space, connection, and overall design.


Final, Tested Solutions

General Technics designs, develops, and fully tests final rackmount controllers with the exact cards you plan to use to ensure a seamless experience upon delivery.

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