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Decades of Experience from a Trusted Partner

General Technics comes alongside customers to provide customized, turnkey industrial controllers and chassis that bring together the specific components of a test application – from COTS technology to custom-designed cards.


Test Engineers

A partner to design, prototype, and manufacture precise custom rackmount controllers and chassis to exact specifications.


Technology Developers

Precise solutions to help ensure your customers have a good experience with your test and measurement systems.

Liquid Cooled CPU Correlator by GT

Customized Rackmount Controllers and Chassis

With General Technics, you get the freedom to choose the right components for your test application, and we partner with you to make those components work seamlessly.

End-to-End Design, Integration, Support, and Service

Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement

Complete control solutions for test and measurement systems.

System Integration

System Integration

End-to-end system integration to ensure your rackmount controller is up and running quickly.

Setup and Testing

Setup and Testing

Quality assurance through extensive testing of your final product, with warranties included.

custom enhanced 4u miner

Precise Detail in Every Connection

At General Technics, we understand that once you carefully select the cards and components needed to test an application, the details of your controller or chassis can make or break your system and your stakeholder’s experience.

A History of Proven Service

For nearly 40 years, we’ve remained entrenched in the details of PCs. We focus on the nuanced demands of rackmount controllers – from specific server boards, to simulation and visualization requirements, to test operating systems to PCI/PCIe, PXI/PXIe, wireless, and USB connections; and the specifics of custom chassis – from environmental factors to footprint constraints – so that you can focus on taking accurate measurements.

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