Control Your PXI/PXIe System

Let a General Technics expert ensure your controller meets the precise requirements of your overall system with a specialized, intelligent solution to fit your needs.


Rackmount Controllers

Control a PXI or PXIe system from a rackmount controller using an MXI or MXIe connection.


Custom Rackmount Chassis

Match your brand and meet system demands with custom-designed chassis -- design your own or let our engineers design them for you.


System Test

Complete burn-in and test of your system before delivery – including cards from suppliers like Keysight, NI, or Pickering, or custom cards.


Accessories, Software, and Rackmount Monitors

End-to-end industrial controller solutions, including all hardware, software, cabling, and accommodations to overcome obsolescence.

Rackmount Controller Specs Affect Your System Performance

Every application is different, and the rackmount controllers that run them should be, too.

Don’t leave the specifics of your rackmount controller up to chance.

Experts at General Technics can evaluate your test system and requirements like footprint, performance, noise, connections, future flexibility, retrofitting to obsolescence, and budget to design a solution that fits your exact needs.

Get the right technology to control your test system accurately.

General Technics designs and develops your custom rackmount controller or chassis, and then tests it with the exact cards you’ll use onsite to help ensure seamless integration upon delivery.

Built for Longevity: Analytics, Automation, Simulation, and Visualization for the Future

General Technics serves some of the country’s most mission-critical test applications for autonomous vehicles, space navigation, electronics systems, and satellite intelligence, in commercial and government organizations like National Labs and NASA with precisely designed, long-life controllers and chassis.

Flexible Options

1U/2U/3U/4U rackmount controllers, notebooks, and rugged options.

Long-Life Solutions

Systems designed to maintain performance for 5+ years.

Obsolescence Management

Both retrofit and future-proof mission-critical controllers.

Thousands of customers trust General Technics rackmount controllers and chassis
Let our experts manage your details, too.


Who We Are

With General Technics, you get the freedom to choose the right components for your test application without the burden of creating a controller or chassis for them.

40 Years of Experience

We partner with customers to make specific components work by customizing a control system or chassis that can be seamlessly integrated, up and running quickly, and scalable to meet future needs for the next 5-7 years.