Configured Systems

Configure the Exact System Your Application Demands

Every application is different, and the rackmount controllers that run them should be, too. At its core, a rackmount controller allows you to control a PXI or PXIe system from a desktop, workstation, server, or laptop using an MXI or MXI-Express connection. However, selecting the right rackmount controller for your needs is an important decision. We help customers consider factors including:

  • Space requirements
  • Performance demands
  • Budget
  • Noise
  • PCI/PCIe slots
  • Future flexibility
  • Customizable connections


With your specific requirements, we can create, test, and deliver the exact controller you need, along with any peripherals or accessories you need to be up and running with your new system within an hour of receiving it.

Flexible Options for Long-Life Configured Systems

1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U controllers, smaller solutions, and expanded single-board industrial systems to meet the demands of your critical test system.

1U Servers

General Technics 1U servers meet space and performance demands and can be used as an entry-level server or PC controller.

4U Servers

General Technics 4U servers offer more I/O for applications that need more data and can benefit from removable drive bays.

2U Servers

General Technics 2U servers deliver performance and flexibility with industry-leading management tools.

Small Form-Factor

Maximize a small space with small form-factor solutions.

3U Servers

In environments where noise level is critical, nothing is quieter than the ultra-quiet 3U rackmount controller.

SBC Industrial Systems

Single-board computers in a 4U chassis with a backplane for maximum functionality in a streamlined solution.

Custom Systems Meet Space and Measurement Requirements

General Techics Customer Service

Flexible Rackmount Controllers

General Technics 1U servers are ideal for mission-critical and high-performance applications, while 2U performance servers pack additional power into a small rack height machine. Additionally, 3U quiet rackmount PCs offer low noise solutions and 4U servers provide increased opportunities for test and measurement applications that need more I/O. General Technics configured systems can incorporate any cards – whether from Keysight, NI, Pickering, other major suppliers, or even custom-designed cards.


Complete, Tested, Long-Life Solutions

General Technics provides end-to-end solutions for clients. After deploying thousands of industrial controllers, we help clients anticipate future demands and ensure all technical needs are met. We take into consideration your measurement cards, software requirements, obsolescence challenges, and create the right rackmount controller for your specific system.

Know the item you need?