Industrial Computers

Preconfigured or Custom Industrial Computers to Meet Your Specifications.

Industrial computers are complex PCs with high reliability and accuracy for process control and data acquisition applications that demand more than a desktop computer. Industrial computers are highly durable for the environments of a plant floor or rugged environment, able to withstand higher or lower operating temperatures or excessive noise compared to traditional commercial desktop computers.

Custom Industrial Computers

Many applications have custom needs. Whether you’re facing more drastic specs including I/O capabilities, noise requirements, or memory demands – or you need a controller that omits features (and costs) you’re certain you don’t need, General Technics designs custom industrial computers and delivers them quickly, so you can move forward with your project.

Specific, Off-the-Shelf Industrial Computer Solutions

  • High Performance: For applications that need high-performance but don’t require a rugged form factor, General Technics has high-performance desktop controllers with expandable memory and up to 8 internal drives through a traditional desktop tower.
  • Rugged Solutions: Extreme environments require rugged, portable industrial computers. With rugged notebook controllers, customers get a flexible, durable solution. 
  • Industrial Systems with Test and Measurement Flexibility: General Technics offers options for the motherboards and single-board computers (SBCs) included in 4U rackmount systems, complete with more slots for application-specific test and measurement cards.

Rackmount Systems

For applications with space, temperature, or high-performance demands, General Technics offers a range of rackmount systems:

1U Servers

General Technics 1U servers meet space and performance demands and can be used as an entry-level server or PC controller.

2U Servers

General Technics 2U servers deliver performance and flexibility with industry-leading management tools.

3U Servers

In environments where noise level is critical, nothing is quieter than the ultra-quiet 3U rackmount controller.

4U Servers

General Technics 4U servers offer more I/O for applications that need more data and can benefit from removable drive bays.