How We Work

Proven Processes for Project Success

test engineersGeneral Technics has the resources and experience necessary to bring projects to market quickly with innovative design, technical assistance, and continuous support, including:

  • Helpful technical sales assistance
  • In-house design and engineering
  • Competitive custom manufacturing
  • High-volume assembly capability
  • Extended support and repair services
  • Nearly 40 years of experience

Expertise with Leading Industry Instrumentation Providers

General Technics brings deep, longstanding relationships with key technology providers including Keysight, NI, and Pickering.

National Instruments

Custom Solutions for Each Application

Each General Technics project is handled with specific care for the application. General Technics staff has decades of experience evaluating customers’ existing systems and future possible needs for expansion and then designing chassis and industrial controllers to meet those demands. Whether it’s specific connectors thought too obsolete to be accommodated, connectors for custom cards, defined footprint requirements, or custom branded chassis, typical engagements follow this process:


1. Find the right products

Order your selected products via the website, or contact us for a custom order.


2. Ensure the final solution will meet your needs

If your online order is complex or if you reached out for a custom order, our team will follow up to find out more details about your system specifications and needs.


3. Prototype (custom rackmount design only)

You’ll receive custom drawings or 3D renderings of your chassis to ensure the details are correct.


4. Development

General Technics teams will develop your system in-house to meet your specifications.


5. Testing

Our solutions go through an extensive testing process before they leave our production floor, so that we can confidently deliver a solution that will work for your specific application.


6. Delivery

Our systems are ready to connect and install upon delivery so that clients can get to work quickly. In the meantime, the General Technics team is on standby for any phone assistance needed as you begin using your solution.


7. Support

Our systems include lifetime support in addition to the traditional one-year warranty on parts. We encourage clients to reach out with any questions or needs for evolving or expanding applications.

Project Examples

Talk to us about your project!