Our Customers

“Working with General Technics makes my job easier. I can explain the cards and capabilities I need and they provide a motherboard solution to control  my test system. Without General Technics, I’d have to piece this solution together by myself and I’d have no one to call when I have trouble.”

“I needed an industrial PC that had the right fit form and function for my application and General Technics could give me technology that worked exactly how I needed it.”

“I needed to talk to someone who knew what I was trying to do so they would sell me every last nut and bolt and bracket and component. I didn’t want to have to figure out the pieces, I wanted someone else who knew what to do to guide me through it. We went through a few conversations and they got me exactly what I needed.”

“General Technics  walked us through everything we needed – even when we didn’t know what we needed. This was invaluable to us.”

“Time and accurate equipment were critical for us.  General Technics is always able to work directly with me to get exactly what I need and have it arrive quickly.”

“They can get them built so quickly. They can fix a problem so quickly if one arises. Our customers are running 24/7 and we can’t have downtime.”

“When we get the computer it has the software installed, it’s working, and put together well and it works a long time.”

“Timeline and specs were most important to us. We needed machines that would work for 4-5 years and could handle any changes in technology – our General Technics machines have done just that.”

“The Sales Department at General Technics  answered questions, helped me get set up, and with their help and knowledge and experience we got the solution we needed.”