Arco - Drive Duplicator

Project Description

  • Customer supplied a rough sketch of a product they wanted to develop
  • Product would allow user to quickly clone a hard drive onto four, eight or twelve target drives simultaneously
  • User-friendly design would allow 3.5” or 2.5” SATA drives to plug in without a mounting carrier
  • Customer specified that the device should have a serial, USB, and ethernet ports, and have an LCD and keypad for controls, and were flexible in the final overall size.
  • They approached us early in their design process, so the electrical design of their control and interface board would depend on the mechanical design that we supplied
  • Reworked their sketch with 3D models of all the necessary components
  • Created a more space efficient design that with better cooling
  • Supplied customer with physical design of interface board with suggested connectors and their placements
  • Reworked the design with new criteria, expanding the support to include PATA drives, and a larger LCD
  • Developed a PATA to SATA bridge to function as a plug-in adapter
  • Generated renderings to communicate the design elements and their function

Design features:

  • Vertical SATA connectors to interface with drives of either size
  • Nylon guided nests to align drives as they are inserted
  • Hinged doors that double as dust covers and guides for smaller drives
  • Scooped air inlet and plenum to ensure that cool airflow is routed over and around each hard drive