Rackmount Monitor Basics: Choosing the Right Setup

What is a Rackmount Monitor?

While there are different styles of rack mount monitors, their main purpose is to provide a quick and convenient window into your servers. Since they mount directly to the server rack, they give you access to the console video without requiring a remote connection. Now, let’s talk about your options when purchasing a rackmount monitor system from General Technics.

I’m Looking for Ease of Use

Coming in 8U size with both 17 inch and 19 inch monitor options, the General Technics LCD monitor and frame combo allows you to easily monitor your system’s information as frequently as you need to without having to open the rack. In keeping with ease of use, these displays can also be purchased separately for easily installed replacements and upgrades. In addition, touchscreen models are available in the 17 inch size.

8U frame with 19" LCD monitor

I’m Looking to Save Space

We understand that server space is valuable. So, we also offer a folding rackmount 17 inch monitor with keyboard and touchpad to maximize your rack’s available space. This slim unit occupies only 1U of rack space and provides a 17 inch LCD display, a full-height 105-key keyboard, and a comfortably positioned touchpad. It can also be folded away and locked for added security.

1U keyboard with 17" LCD


Rackmount monitors are an essential part of any server rack. Whether it’s size, ease of use, or the ability to upgrade down the line, General Technics is here to provide you with the best options for your business.

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