COTS or Custom-Built Design?

In today’s marketplace, the question for consumers both professionally and commercially is whether to lean on a custom-built design or COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) computers. While both form factors have their advantages, the right application of these methods is going to differ from business to business. With that in mind here are three quick factors General Technics would advise you to consider when purchasing. 


The main advantage of having a custom-built design is you control the entirety of that design. A COTS build will come with specifications and components selected for you, not by you. While this could be convenient, often it leads to consumers making compromises on specifications they are looking for. By building a system from the ground up, you can choose the parts that best match the needs you are looking for. However, customization can also change the next factor to consider 


What is your budget? Is it flexible? A custom-built design will almost always be cheaper than a similarly designed COTS system. Yet, the flexibility of component design could yield a higher cost. If your budget is inflexible, a COTS solution could save you not only money but our last factor to consider:  


Researching component compatibility can be time consuming and difficult. A benefit of a COTS build would be knowing that the system you have bought is designed to work without issue.


Customer solutions here can be varied. That said, if you are looking for ease of use and to save time a COTS system would be beneficial. For cost savings and a more customized approach, a customed design system would be more applicable

We here at General Technics have nearly 40 years of expertise and offer expert customer service and agility in customization as well as offering a COTS build. These benefits allow you to manage the cost of your system while leveraging our expertise to provide the best solution for your application.