Benefits of a Rackmount Server

What is a Rackmount Server?

A rackmount server is a computer designed to be situated in a rectangular structure called a server rack. A rack server is known as a general-purpose machine which supports a wide range of applications and computing tasks.

Grow and Replace in Real time

One of the best advantages of having a rackmount server is that as your business scales, your rackmount server can grow right alongside it. Above all, the design of these structures allow you to expand your rack by adding servers to process different parts of your business. For instance, one could be for your business website and another for email. In addition to the ease of adding in more servers, it takes a very little effort to identify, remove and replace a malfunctioning or redundant server with another.

Keep it Neat, Clean and Secure

No one likes a mess. With a rack having all devices together, cable management becomes much easier to organize. Storing a rack inside of a cabinet is an excellent way of keeping your server clean. This way, you can protect your server from climate issues, dust, pests, accidents, and so forth. However, having so much equipment in one location can lead to security issues. So, choosing a rack with a locking option helps you stay in control of your business.

Increased Performance

Proper airflow is vital for any server. The last thing you want is your sever having its cooling halted by a wall or other piece of tech. Server racks are designed to maximize airflow whether that be by customizing your layout to increase airflow or it having a built-in cooling system


For any growing business, the benefits of having a rackmount server are clear. Organization, performance, security and ease of additions make the case on their own. We here at General Technics have over 40 years experience with technical solutions. Contact us today with any questions.