Silent 3U Rackmount Controller & Systems from GT

As computing capabilities have become more advanced, the noise that these machines give off has become quite noticeable. This has had a detrimental effect in two key areas: quiet environments and user health. In businesses like recording studios, production and creative departments, hospitals and libraries, it is necessary to keep the ambient noise to a minimum. It has also been shown that listening to the constant hum of a loud system has a negative effect on user health and productivity. With these areas in mind, General Technics has developed a solution.

Introducing our GT Silent 3U Rackmount Controller. Whether you are controlling a PXI or PXIe using a MXI or MXI-Express connection or running a workstation in lab type of environment, the noise reduction is noticeable. If not for the power LED, you would have to put your ear right next to this system to tell if it is on. Our silent system utilizes a 120mm “Ultra Quiet” case fan. Even at maximum speed, this amazing fan runs below a whisper at only 32.0 dBA. But, when throttled by the system board, it will cool the system at a nearly inaudible level below 13 dBA. Coupled with a “silent” Seasonic power supply, rated at only 22 dBA, this system is among the quietest available. This makes it ideal for workstations and DVR applications

With over 40 years experience meeting unique requirements, General Technics can help you find the solution to your computing needs. Allow us to provide expert advice on choosing options for your custom system.