The Use of Rugged Computers in Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the use of control systems and robotic machines to handle different processes with minimal human assistance. The benefits of this process can range from increased productivity to human safety. It provides an important step forward in the manufacturing world, and the computers that power these machines are a crucial component. 

Rugged/Industrial Solutions

There are applications where there is a need for computers that can withstand conditions that regular computers simply cannot. They need to be reliable and have a longer life than standard computers. The solution? Rugged industrial computers. Rugged computers are built to withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. They can deal with vibration, dust, and liquid spills. Rugged computers are also designed to run 24/7 and can be stored in places other computers could not.  Industrial computer systems are relied upon by manufacturers worldwide in utilizations such as test & measurement, robotics, guidance, visualization, and simulation machines.

Modular & Powerful

Rugged industrial computers are designed to be modular and customizable. Industrial computers have many different applications, so a one-size-fits-all model often does not work. Various I/O components that are necessary for your application can be pre-installed so you have everything you need ready to go once it arrives. Additionally, rugged computers are protected by allowing for a wide range of voltage inputs, as well as many alternative power options such as Wake-on-LAN.

The future of manufacturing is industrial automation.  Machines can work faster and with more efficiency than humans.  As time progresses, more and more tasks will become automated. Reliable, rugged industrial computers provide the power to make this all possible.

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