The Issues with Outdated Technology

With advancements in technology being made daily, upgrading your legacy hardware is more of a need than you may realize. When we think about technology, the adage “don’t fix what isn’t broken” is not something one should always apply. Why? Let us look at a few key components to see what legacy hardware is costing you. 


Older technology will always run slower than its newer counterparts. In addition to legacy systems taking longer to do tasks, they are more likely to crash, have hardware replaced or use up the time of your IT department. Microsoft estimates the average time lost in a year to legacy systems is close to a week! Older systems also lack the necessary equipment to push your business further. Cloud computing, automation and mobile friendly apps are just a few ways that employees can push productivity faster.

Maintenance Costs

Is your business using hardware that is more than a few years old? If so, they are most likely out of warranty. Replacement parts for legacy systems go up in cost every year. Microsoft again estimates that the cost of repairing a system that is four or more years old is double that of a newer system. There are hidden costs to examine as well: when your legacy system is down, your business could lose clients which leads to missed sales. Outdated technology is also more expensive to run, leading to higher energy costs. 

Security Holes

Legacy systems and outdated technology do not have the capability to keep up with the latest in security firmware. Older operating systems stop being supported over time. If you are using one of these operating systems, the chances of your system being infected or breached expand exponentially. Security for your business becomes harder to achieve, disaster recovery and backup solutions may no longer work, and your business could suffer.

These are just a few of the issues of using outdated technology but the issues don’t stop here – other possible consequences are:

  • Compliance issues
  • Competitive disadvantages
  • Brand and loyalty damages

With these issues laid out, it is clear that the need to upgrade outdated technology is real. We here at General Technics have over 40 years helping businesses stay updated with the latest advancements in computer technology.