The Benefits of a UPS Battery Backup

UPS Battery Backup

Snow, rain, wind, falling trees, accidents, natural disasters, flooding, lightning strikes and human error are only some of the reasons that your business could lose power. When the power goes down for any amount of time, that’s lost productivity. In the case of a hospital, that could lead to a loss of life. There are some places where the power needs to stay on. To that end, to better protect themselves against such instances many companies use a UPS battery backup to keep their business up and running.

It’ll Keep The Lights On

A UPS battery backup is an “uninterruptable power supply” that will keep devices powered on after the lights go off.  It is considered uninterruptable because it should seamlessly keep power on to its connected devices. This is what most would assume a generator would do but there is an important distinction . A generator will help power come back on, whereas a UPS backup will keep power from ever failing. No matter the size of your business there is a UPS backup solution for you. Smaller companies can keep single UPS units under each desk to power PCs and larger companies can implement one that will provide power to an entire office.   


Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in between, there are clear benefits to having UPS battery backups installed. Here are some of the protections that a UPS can provide:

  • Data protection – During an outage it is possible for a system to lose valuable data.
  • Loss of work protection – Every person who has worked with a computer has lost time due to a power failure on a device. UPS battery backups protect you from when you forget to hit the save button.
  • Protection of electronic devices – Brownouts, power surges and fluctuations are not good for computers. A UPS battery backup acts as a filter and protects your devices against them.
  • Protection against loss of time – It is estimated that businesses lose billions of dollars a year in downtime due to loss of power. UPS battery backups ensure that your business does not add to that figure.

When weighing the factors of protection for your equipment and lost cost due to downtime, it’s easy to say that having a UPS battery backup is necessary. Unsure of what size is right for your business? Give General Technics a call and we would be happy to help you find your solution.