Designed by GT – Part 1: Where Ideas Begin

Designed by GT - An In-Depth Look at Custom Chassis Design

In this blog series, we’re going to explore the concept of designing for manufacture. We’ll examine several aspects of the design process from its conception down to its assembly on the production line. Later, you’ll learn how General Technics collaborates closely with our customers, and how your constraints actually help shape the design. Follow along as we then discuss the five phases of producing a custom computer system, and what you can expect along the way.

Have you got an idea? Let’s make it happen.

How are New Designs Inspired?

Just like the inventions that we enable our clients to create, good designs are born from necessity.  They bridge those gaps to connect new technologies, reach new customers, and propel business.  Their successful innovation begins by identifying those missing pieces, and filling them with new products or services that were just not available beforehand. These might be incremental steps to improve what already exists, or bold leaps to rethink what is possible. Each step adds to the conversation, and inspires others to take it a step further.

One of a Kind Designs

Off-the-shelf PC cases tend to all look the same, while GT's design process delivers unique designs.
Most PC cases are made the same

Likewise, most custom design projects begin when an extensive search for a readily available rack chassis for your system either turns up empty, or turns out lacking some key features that your system needs.  Though sometimes inexpensive, the hidden cost of such off-the-shelf chassis is in their one-size-fits-many approach to design.  Chassis made in large-scale production tend to prioritize quantity, and not quality. Chassis makers often optimize them for current trends, the easily-labeled, and what’s already-been-done.

However, at GT we understand that your project is unique and deserves a one-of-a-kind design that doesn’t simply shoehorn its components into a standard box, or compromise cooling, functionality, or expandability.  We believe your custom system should have the ruggedness to withstand the inflight testing and unpaved roads, to thrive in extreme operating conditions, or be compact and light enough for your portable test rigs.  Above all, your custom computer should meet or exceed each of your design criteria, and support every feature on your wishlist. The design we create for you should communicate your brand, and inspire confidence in your customers. This means starting with a fresh approach, putting function and quality first throughout the design process.

When Can We Get Started?

Just reach out to us any time, and tell us what you’d like to create. GT will walk you through the process, and ask the right questions to get the ball rolling. Next, we’re going to need your help as we work together to make your ideas a reality. In Part 2 of this series we’ll see what important questions you can help us answer.