White Paper

Creating a Custom Rackmount PC Controller for Longevity

7 Answers You Need for a Test System That Lasts

Longevity is crucial to the financial viability of a rackmount controller, or test system. An accurate, long-lasting rackmount system will have better ROI for your business and support your evolving test demands over time without disrupting the organization with a complete system overhaul after 18 months.


Many variables go into rackmount system development to ensure a system will last years into the future. This paper explores the details of how to create a custom rackmount controller that lasts by making sure your questions are answered before you start, including:


  • What requirements should be defined before creating your system?
  • How can you ensure system parts are replaceable throughout the life of the system?
  • What custom features and functionalities are options in a new rackmount chassis?


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