Mini-ITX Chassis: Internal PS, Black


  • Mini-ITX desktop / 1.5U rackmount case
  • Space-saving design for any size application
  • Fits any Mini-ITX form-factor system board
  • Active cooling for CPUs including Intel® 2nd Generation Core™i7 Processors
  • Full-height card slot supports PCI and PCI Express cards up to 8.9″ long
  • Full-size 3.5″ hard drive bay for tremendous and affordable capacity
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Our smallest full-featured chassis, ideal for home media or other small form factor applications from powerful desktops to efficient nettops. Despite its small size, it supports the latest desktop processors, high-capacity 3.5″ hard drives, and full-height add-on cards.

Small, Space-Saving Design

As our computers get smaller they fit into our lives in many more places. Since the addition of the Mini-ITX form factor, desktop computers have shrunk in size while retaining the performance features of their larger predecessors. This advancement allows engineers to use today’s powerful computers in a wider variety of applications. Although only 5.1L in volume, the CS780 supports a full-height card, a full-size 3.5″ hard drive, an optical drive, and powerful Intel® CPUs, including the second generation Core™i7 Processors. Save space and gain performance with a General Technics Mini-ITX system.

Versatile Applications

The tiny footprint of our latest Mini-ITX chassis brings it up off of your office floor and onto your desktop — beside or under your screen. With a variety of mounting options and support for high capacity 3.5″ hard drives, it lends itself as a platform for video surveillance and web-enabled security systems. Its simple and compact design makes it right at home as part of your home theater system, serving high-definition audio and video for a seamless home media experience. Also, its lower cost enables inexpensive nettop systems that focus on internet usage such as web apps, email, and social networks. Enable your ideas with this small form factor, highly versatile platform.

Energy Efficient

The Atom™ Processor is the smallest and lowest-power processor from Intel. It marks a shift in PC design towards lighter, more compact, more affordable systems with increased energy efficiency as the primary goal. They boast a remarkably low power consumption of a mere 1 to 2.5 Watts. Compared to the systems we use daily for communication, internet, and media, this will bring significant energy savings. A nettop system built on the General Technics CS780 platform allows you to enjoy entertainment, stay connected, save money, and be more environmentally responsible.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Key Details

Mounting Styles: Desktop, Rackmount
Board Form Factor: Mini-ITX
PSU Form Factor: SFF 48 x 54mm
Color: Black

Physical Dimensions

Depth: 9 in
Width: 13.25 in
Height: 2.62 in
Rack Height: 1-1/2 U
Weight: 10 lbs

Case Details

Internal 3.5" Bays: 1
External 3.5" Bays: 0
External 5.25" Bays: 0
Slimline Optical Bay: Yes
Front Panel USB: Yes
Front Panel Audio: No
PCI Slots: 1
Card Slot Profile: Full-Height PCI


PSU Max Depth: 185 mm

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