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services System Integration

Building systems is our specialty.  We take pride in delivering well-built systems uniform in assembly and clean in layout.  Our professional installers follow strict guidelines to ensure that each component is properly handled in an electrostatic-free environment and installed securely for shipping.  We also believe that well organized cabling is a mark of quality, and contributes to the health and ease of maintenance of our computer systems.   

Each system is hand-built and double checked by senior technicians for accuracy and quality before moving to the setup and testing area.  There the systems will be fully configured for the included hardware, and the operating system and drivers will be installed and updated.  If requested, any custom software may be pre-installed and additional setup procedures may be performed to prepare your systems for delivery and installation in the field.

Allowing General Technics to manage the complete integration and setup saves your technicians valuable man-hours, eliminates setup errors, and ensures that each system meets our high standards for quality.  Your machines will arrive clean, fingerprint-free, fully tested, and ready to be powered on for service.