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services Custom Paint and Artwork

These inexpensive options can quickly enhance the appearance of your computer systems and help your brand identity to stand out.  

Custom Paint

All our standard chassis and rack products are available in black and many of them are also stocked in beige.  But, did you know that you can order any of our chassis in any color you choose? Just send us a sample for matching, or a Pantone® color code, and we will paint them to order.  

The paint applied at our factory is an acrylic resin paint, electrostatically applied, and then baked on at 180°C for a tough finish.  You can also choose from our standard texture with a medium orange peel or smoother finishes.

Silkscreened Artwork

Send us your graphics or logos as high-resolution images or vector files and we can have them silkscreened onto your chassis according to your design.  A small one-time setup fee is applied to the first order for each silkscreen required.  Silkscreens are a simple and very professional looking way to make your systems unique.

Adhesive Labels

For simple lettering, symbols, and for smaller graphics with more colors, adhesive labels are a great option and they can be applied in some places where silkscreens can’t.  Labels can use spot colors or full CMYK, and can be any shape, with or without a glossy urethane dome.  Clear or white backing is available, as well as brushed metal substrate materials for an attractive metallic shine.  Send us your high quality artwork and request a quote for your next order to include custom labels.

Full Vinyl Overlays

For a very impressive look, a full color vinyl overlay can be applied to the entire front panel of the chassis.  Clear areas can be designated for LED indicators to shine through, and places for ventilation can be cut out to match the layout of the frame beneath.  Vinyl overlays allow you to completely customize the look of your product with edge-to-edge full color designs.