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about GT General Technics Company History
1980 - 1989 As personal computers expanded their reach into homes and small offices, they were shedding their early reputation as novelties, and were becoming essential parts of everyday business.  But, the emerging technology was not yet widely understood, and integrating off-the-shelf components into a system that could run home and business applications required technical skill.  

In 1981, General Technics was founded by Lou Cetrangelo with the mission to make modern computing easy and accessible to anyone.  Having served in the US Navy, Lou had a strong technical background with engineering experience designing military computer peripherals.  General Technics produced step-by-step manuals that could help anyone assemble their own personal computer.  GT also provided components and complete systems in kit form, as well as helpful telephone support.

With an established name and reputation for honest business, the customer base quickly grew across the country.
1990 - 1999 Soon, many early adopters of PCs and business machines looking to maximise their initial investment wanted to upgrade their hardware to support newer applications of the day.  General Technics filled this need by providing repairs and upgrade solutions to most of IBM’s® line of PS/2 computer systems.  The service was so helpful, that IBM’s own support center began referring their customers to General Technics for upgrades.

With a huge boost in sales, the first office location was quickly outgrown.  To keep pace with growing demand, GT moved into a much larger office and warehouse facility in Ronkonkoma, NY in September of 1992.  

Ever focused on the future of technology, General Technics turned towards the rapidly growing market of industrial computers.  After partnering with Joyance® Enterprises, GT became the prime distributor of ruggedized rackmount computer chassis in the US.  Serving banks, universities, and large corporations, General Technics provided integrated rackmount computer systems and servers.

With the explosion of the Internet in the mid-90’s, GT saw incredible demand for lower-cost low-height rack mountable PCs that could power web servers and internet service providers.  With the technology and resources already available, General Technics was in a prime position to develop and supply these unique solutions.  
2000 - 2009 The success of the expansion into new markets made it necessary once again to relocate to a larger building.  So, in July of 2000, General Technics purchased its current 10,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly facility on Long Island.  The additional office space, assembly and testing rooms, and larger warehouse made it possible to continue growing and serving more customers.

In 2002 General Technics was recognized as an Intel® Premier Provider for outstanding sales and support of Intel system boards, processors, and server products.  GT has proudly maintained this premier status for over 10 years, and is now a Platinum member of Intel’s Technology Provider program.  Working so closely with Intel gives General Technics enhanced knowledge and expertise, access to direct technical support, and insight into new opportunities for customers.

GT recognized that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and that each customer faces their own particular challenges.  To help meet these needs more effectively, General Technics began offering custom design and engineering services.  Among the developments were ultra-quiet rackmount computer systems for video surveillance, compact and short depth chassis for high-density computing, and super-rugged rack systems for aerospace applications with high shock resilience and mass storage.  General Technics continues to develop and manufacture computer chassis with improved performance and design.
2010 - Today In recent years, General Technics has acquired contracts with massive deployment opportunities.  As a result we have expanded and streamlined our warehouse and assembly facility to build, test, and ship ever larger ongoing orders.  General Technics continues to hire and train additional staff to meet the promised delivery dates with the same high standards of quality and reliability.

Today, General Technics serves businesses in aerospace, science, data storage and cloud computing, video security, and government agencies.  We remain committed to providing the best solutions for each customer, embracing new technologies as they emerge, and adapting to changing markets.  As computers grow faster, smaller, and more powerful into the future, we will continue to make them accessible and affordable to you and your business as well.