What is a Workstation Computer?

If you work in an office environment, it is very likely you spend most of your working day in front of a computer.  This PC is crucial for you to do your job well.  But is this what we would consider a workstation computer? No, actually. That would be a commercial PC. So, what is a workstation computer? This would be a computer that is specifically designed to complete professional tasks. We’re not talking about emails and spreadsheets, however. More along the lines of heavy-duty computational tasks. These computers need to be able to run 24/7 and be always under heavy duress.  

Workstation Computer Applications

What are some of these heavy duress applications that workstation computers are used for?  Workstation PCs can be used to make a server that other commercial computers can be linked to. Graphical design is another field where a more powerful computer is needed. The need to run multiple GPUs and do complex programming or 3D rendering would be necessary for any game developer. They are used in the field of science where large and complex number crunching is necessary. They are also useful for multimedia applications like video and audio creation/editing. Workstation computers are the best option for these types of applications and professions.

What Goes Into a Workstation Computer?

If a standard commercial PC’s components do not provide enough power for the above applications, what kind of advanced hardware are we talking about?  The phrase “bigger is better” rings true here.  Workstation computers often have better CPUs, motherboards, more hard drive space, ECC ram, and more graphical power. Most workstation computers will also be attached to multiple monitors. While these components are much more expensive than a commercial computer, the cost is something many companies are willing to pay. Why?  While more expensive than a commercial PC, workstation computers are designed to last a long time, have better warranties, and provide peace of mind as well as time saved.

While workstation computers are a necessity for everyone, some professions would be lost without them. We at General Technics are here to help you figure out if one is right for you.