4U Rackmount

4U Rackmount Controller Industrial PC

  • PC Case 4U bay 14 BP short17.7” deep
  • Shock-resistant drive cage
  • Flexible for industrial applications used in short racks or travel cases
  • Three 5.25″ external bays, one 3.5″ external bay, and one internal 3.5″ drive bay
  • Lockable front panel controls
  • Adaptable case

4U Servers for Specific I/O Requirements

General Technics 4U servers offer more I/O for applications where space permits. These servers are ideal for applications that need more data and can benefit from removable drive bays. General Technics 4U Rackmount Controllers have the space and functionality to accommodate specific I/O ports and a variety of connections – from USB to wireless, and feature adjustable locking brackets to secure the cards in place for shipping and vibration prone environments.


General Technics 4U servers offer industry-leading, high-performance motherboards and are scalable and expandable to meet your current needs and accommodate future demands. Our 4U servers improve virtualization performance with increased memory support. We customize long-life, I/O optimized rackmount controllers to meet the demands of specific cards – whether from major instrumentation providers like Keysight, NI, or Pickering, or custom designed cards – and fully test controllers before delivery.


The following are pre-configured options, but systems can and should be customized to meet your exact needs, so please contact us for a precise system.

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