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Complete SystemsConfigure Your Own Custom System

Selecting the right rackmount or desktop system for your needs is an important decision. For your rack space, should you go with 1U servers with entry level capabilities and budget-friendly pricing, or should you choose 2U servers that are high in performance and expandability? Perhaps you need a quiet-running machine, in which case our 3U quiet rackmount PC could be the ideal selection. Maybe you prefer a desktop solution that can handle video editing, gaming, and other powerful applications. Whatever you require, General Technics has hardware to fit your needs.

Explore our small form factor and short depth rack PCs if you want to maximize a small space. Get to know our 1U servers if you’re setting up a web server, cloud computing, or similar system. Browse our 2U performance servers and see just how much power can be found in a small rack height machine. Discover high performance desktops that can keep up with just about anything you can dish out. Whatever you’re looking for, General Technics has it, including the peripherals, accessories, and other add-ons necessary to make your new computer shine.

If you’re not certain what you need, the experts at General Technics can help you figure it out. Put our experience to work for you and see what develops!
STEP 1 Select a system type to get started:
system type image 1U Supermicro SuperServer Supermicro SuperServer system type image 1U Entry Level Server Value priced single-socket 1U system with high-end Intel® server features great for web servers, and file and print servers system type image 1.5U Small Form Factor Small Form Factor Rack PC, only 1.5U high and 13" deep. For ultra compact applications with the versatility of much larger systems. system type image 2U Performance Server 8 Hot-swap 2.5" bays, redundant power supplies, and dual Xeon processors provide true enterprise class performance and expandability. system type image 2U Performance Server 8 Hot-swap 3.5" bays, redundant power supplies, and dual Xeon processors provide true enterprise class performance and expandability. system type image Compact 2U Rack PC These systems pack enormous power into a smaller footprint with a short rack depth and only 2U high. system type image 3U Quiet Rackmount PC Ultra quiet rackmount systems ideal for environments like music or video production where sound level is critical. system type image 4U Short Depth Rack PC 4U Short depth system only 17.7" deep. Great for rugged industrial applications in short depth racks. system type image 4U Rack PC for Maximum IO If you plan to fill the card slots with full height, full length cards, this system type is best. system type image 4U Rackmount NAS File Server 4U Deep Rackmount NAS File Server. 7 system type image 4U SBC Rackmount Short depth 4U single board computer with expansive 13-slot backplane for industrial applications system type image Small Mini-ITX PC Super tiny PC only 9" deep ideal for home media and other small form factor applications using a 3.5" drive and a full height card. system type image Performance Desktop High performance desktop for demanding applications like photo and video editing, and 3D gaming. system type image NUC7-i3-BNH Intel NUC 7th generation core i3-7100 system system type image NUC6-i3-SYH Intel NUC 6th generation core i3-6100 system system type image NUC7-i5-BNH Intel NUC 7th generation core i5-7260 system system type image NUC6-i5-SYH Intel NUC 6th generation core i5-6260 system system type image NUC7-i7-BNH Intel NUC 7th generation core i5-7567 system system type image NUC6-i7-KYK Intel NUC 6th generation core i7-6770HQ system