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NC912 | Intel NUC 7th Gen LID w RJ45 and USB Lid

Key Features

  • Intel NUC 7th Gen LID with RJ45 and USB 2.0 Port
  • Adds a second 10/100Mbps LAN on the NUC
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This NUC LID allows the user to add and additional RJ45 LAN 100mbs. Tested at its default connectivity setting (100Mbps, full-duplex (via auto-negotiation)), the solution maintained an average throughput of ~95Mbps with 0.0% packet loss.
The unit has also been tested the 10Mbps full-duplex (forced setting), 10Mbps half-duplex (forced setting), and 10Mbps half-duplex (auto-negotiation). Performance was ~9.5Mbps with forced settings, and ~9.0Mbps with auto-negotiation. Packet loss for all scenarios was 0.0%.


Key Details
Accessory Type NUC Lid USB based RJ45 adapter
Physical Dimensions
Weight lbs
IO Details
LAN Ports 1
IO Details
LAN Bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet
USB 2.0 Ports 1