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NC900 | Gigabit Ethernet Dongle for 5th Gen

Key Features

  • Intel NUC extra gigabit ethernet dongle for the i3/i5 5th Gen system
  • Converts 1 M.2 slot into an extra nic port
  • Only Works with Maple Canyon i3/i5
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This is a Gigabit Ethernet Dongle for Maple Canyon allows the system to have 2 NIC ports. It makes use of the M.2 slot on the system board to provide the extra Ethernet port.

Works with the following SKU's
i3 Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3MYHE
i5 Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE


Key Details
Accessory Type NUC M.2 based Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Physical Dimensions
Weight lbs
IO Details
LAN Ports 1
IO Details
LAN Bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet