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UP001 | Tripplite Internet750 Office UPS System

Key Features

  • 12 Outlet UPS, Noise and Surge Protection System
  • 6 Outlets powered by battery when power fails
  • 750VA, 450W Output
  • USB Connection to monitor system health
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Power problems—including blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise—threaten your investment! They can damage or destroy PCs and other expensive equipment, wipe out valuable data and files, and degrade component performance. Get protected against these all-too-common power threats with Tripp Lite's INTERNET750U UPS System. It provides reliable battery backup that can keep a basic desktop PC operational for up to 45 minutes during blackouts. Surge suppression and EMI/RFI line noise filtering prevent hardware damage and performance problems such as poor-quality audio and video output.

The INTERNET750U's power rating provides ample capacity for a wide range of home and office PC setups, workstations, point-of-sale systems and more. It features six battery-supported AC outlets for computer, monitor and other vital system peripherals, plus six surge-only outlets for accessories that do not require battery support. One set of tel/DSL jacks protects connected equipment on a tel/DSL line. One USB communication port plus free PowerAlert software (available via Web download) enables unattended system shutdown and files saves in case of a prolonged power failure. The INTERNET750U comes with $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage and a 3-year product warranty.


Key Details
Manufacturer Tripp Lite
Mfr Part No INTERNET750U
Mounting Styles Desktop
Power Supply Output 450 W
Accessory Type UPS
Device Interfaces USB
Physical Dimensions
Depth 310 mm
Width 176 mm
Height 78 mm
Weight lbs