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RK636 | Drive Bay Cooler for CS571 & CS771

Key Features

  • Keeps hard drives from overheating
  • Adds a blower and air baffles to force air over the drives
  • Designed exclusively for the J3130 or J3630 3U Chassis
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When multiple hard drives are mounted in the bay area, this kit will keep them all running cool. Fresh air gets pulled in through the vents on the door, and is ducted around the hard drives. An extra blower forces this air out a via a dedicated exaust port on the rear, while recirculation of warm air is prevented. With the drive cooler installed, we filled the bays with five 750GB Seagate drives mounted in CRU® DPLP™ removable carriers. After 48 hours of constant reading and writing, none of the drives reported a temperature greater than 53°C. The kit works with either the standard, or 5-bay drive cage, and should be installed prior to the system board.


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