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RK005 | 36U Rack Cabinet 60cm wide x 80 cm deep

Key Features

  • 36U Rack Cabinet Frame (22U shown)
  • All steel, ultra-rugged design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes locking casters and leveling pads
  • Rack Rails Adjust from 6" to 26.5" (comes standard at 23")
  • Many add-on accesories, panels, and doors
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General Technics is pleased to offer a new line of ultra-rugged rack cabinet frames. These all-steel frames are 60cm wide (23.6") by 80cm deep (31.5"), and are available in four different heights: 18U, 22U, 36U, and 42U. Each frame comes complete with a set of heavy-duty locking casters and leveling feet. The top and bottom plates also have front and rear foam-lined-slots for cables to pass through. The distance between the front and rear rack rails comes preset at 23.0" deep, but is fully adjustable from 6.0" to 26.5" deep. Optional Glass and vented doors can be installed on the front or rear of the cabinet. Removable side panels, exhaust fan kits, and a convenient rack-mountable power strip are also available as add-on accessories.

Available in 18U, 22U, 36U, and 42U sizes

All frames are 60cm wide (23.6") by 80cm deep (31.5").

Total frame heights are 39.63" (18U), 46.63" (22U), 71.13" (36U), and 81.63" (42U) including casters. (Optional casters are 3" high)

Heavy-duty locking casters and leveling pads are included with each frame.

Easy to assemble. All hardware and tools are included with each kit.

Lockable glass and vented doors are available to prevent unauthorized access.

Easy to install side panels provide a sleek, contoured appearance.

An optional exhaust fan kit keeps cool air flowing through the cabinet.

A convenient rack-mountable power strip is also available. When mounted at the top or bottom of the rack, it occupies only 1U of the rack-rail.

Fixed and sliding shelves for equipment and keyboards available in four styles.

Basic rack mounting hardware is included. Additional cage nuts, washers, and screws are available.


Physical Dimensions
Depth 31.5 in
Width 23.6 in
Height 71.13 in
Rack Height 36U
Physical Dimensions
Weight 103 lbs