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Services Setup and Testing

No system leaves our facility without first being fully qualified and tested.  Our expert technicians will take the time to install and update the proper drivers for your hardware configuration.  This takes the guesswork out of your computer installation, and ensures that each system arrives fully prepared for its intended service.

We will pre-install the operating system and configure it for rapid deployment at its destination.  Additionally, if there are any application specific software that need to be installed and configured, we can fully prepare and test those as well according to your guidelines and instructions.

Following the setup, each system endures a rigorous testing and burn-in session.  This allows the system to reach and maintain its operating temperature, and applies sufficient stress to each component.  By testing under load, we can be sure that your systems will function properly in real-world conditions, and will not suffer unnecessary downtime from occasional manufacturing defects.  

Call today and see how General Technics can streamline your setup, eliminate errors, and reduce your labor costs at installation.