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Services Repair Services

We know how important it is to your business for your computer systems to continue operating smoothly.  But occasionally, repair and maintenance are required.  General Technics is committed to solving the problem, and getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

If uptime is critical and spare systems are not already available, GT can offer to build and send an advance replacement unit to get things working right away.  When we receive the damaged unit, our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem, test each component to determine the true source of the problem, and find the best solution to fix it.  This detailed examination may uncover unknown issues such as the health and life-cycle of storage drives, build-up of dust on internal components, and cooling issues that might have contributed to future failures.  Besides this routine preventative maintenance, our technicians will take the necessary measures to repair the system and restore it to full working order, clean and ready for service once again.

Depending on the nature of hard drive failure, General Technics may be able to recover and restore data to replacement drives.  Since this type of operation is not guaranteed, we strongly recommend having managed backup systems in place wherever critical data is stored.  If you are looking for a cost-effective backup solution, our technical sales representatives can suggest an in-network or cloud-based NAS solution tailored to the size of your network.

While nothing can take the place of having spare hardware and managed data backups, General Technics can help reduce your downtime by repairing, reinstalling, and re-deploying your systems quickly.