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services Direct-to-Customer Shipping

Let General Technics manage the packing and shipping of your computer systems to completely streamline your deployment.

Drop Shipping

General Technics routinely sends completely packaged systems directly to end users. We will carefully pack each carton according to your bill of materials, including user manuals, paperwork, software licences, special cables, or any additional hardware that you wish for us to include with your shipments. We have the capacity to warehouse some additional parts, and fill orders for your customers according to your schedules.

Custom Cartons

Besides being durable and well protected for shipping, the cartons can be optionally double-boxed for extra protection. The outer cartons can be natural or white in color, and can have any custom markings that you specify. This could include your company logos and contact information, and special handling instructions. Drop shipping allows General Technics to act as your personal warehouse, and brings the products to your customer’s hands faster and easier.


Serials and Barcoding

We also have the capability to serialize and barcode each shipping carton with custom warehouse labels to simplify order tracking and stocking at your facility. When multiple cartons are palletized for freight, we wrap the entire stack together and include serial lists on the exterior.


We handle each order with the same care, from large bulk orders to smaller one piece shipments. Count on General Technics to deliver your computer systems reliably.