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ServicesCustom Chassis Design

Let General Technics design and manufacture a custom rackmount chassis to your specifications. Our engineers will craft a unique solution to meet or exceed your application’s requirements.

Benefits of a Custom Rackmount Chassis

The standard line of chassis we offer are designed to be as flexible as possible for use in many applications. We try to include the most useful features for the majority of usages. Often, this flexibility comes at a small cost of additional depth, fewer drive bays, or shorter card slots. However, a custom rackmount chassis can be optimized for your specific needs without any such limitation:

  • Maximize your internal or removable storage
  • Minimize rack depth and height
  • Ensure that all components are properly cooled and easily accessible
  • Provide secure and simple mounting for proprietary parts
  • Make cleaner layouts with tie-down points for cabling
  • Accommodate custom controls and panel cutouts
  • Resist shock and vibration for sensitive components or harsh environments
  • Clean incoming air with removable filters
  • Secure access with locksets and tamper-resistant hardware
  • Match the color and appearance of existing hardware
  • Preserve your brand with silkscreen and artwork options

Custom Chassis Construction

Our custom rackmount chassis are typically manufactured using 1.0 or 1.2mm thick (20 or 18ga) electrogalvanized steel sheet and are protected with a baked-on polymer resin paint. For a bright corrosion resistant finish, we often use nickel-chromium plating to protect interior bracketry and rear panels. Heavier and thicker materials are used for support brackets and frame components to enhance ruggedness. Or, if your goal is to minimize weight, aluminum can be used as an alternative.

From Design to Delivery

The process begins when you send us your request and design criteria. It is helpful to be as specific and detailed as possible. Primarily, specify any size and weight restrictions, the storage requirements, and the kind of drive bays or custom controls needed on the front panel. Additionally, detail how many internal drives are to be used, if an optical drive is required, the kind of system board and processor expected, and the types and model numbers of any add-on cards to be used. The design takes shape more rapidly when such details are provided at this early stage. Our engineers will review the project specifications and will request other specific details if necessary.

Shortly afterward, an overview sketch will be provided for your approval. At this time, you can review the design carefully and discuss any changes or additional requirements directly with our engineers. Any issues that arise during the design process will be communicated back to you clearly with diagrams and renderings. Sometimes, to ensure proper mounting and clearance we will request that you send us physical samples of cards and non-standard components. In the absence of actual samples, we can sometimes model these parts from dimensional drawings or CAD files. Pending your approval, with all of the necessary details in place, we can begin detailing the design to produce drawings for manufacturing, a bill of materials (BOM) and assembly instructions.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your custom rackmount chassis, it is essential to know the initial order quantity, desired delivery date, and how many you expect to reorder in the future. There will also be a one-time non-refundable engineering charge (NRE) dependent on the scale and complexity of the project. Additionally we request that you purchase a minimum of 3 prototype chassis. One will be kept on hand at our manufacturing facility, and one will be kept at our design office in case any mechanical issues arise during testing. These two will be sent later, following your approval of the prototypes, or along with the initial order quantity. Delivery of the prototypes requires approximately two to four weeks after the design work is completed. Prototypes and large production orders can be either air shipped directly from our factory, or shipped via container.

We look forward to helping to bring your next project off of the drawing board and into your customer’s hands. We take pride in creating the highest quality computer chassis and systems. Contact us today to see how General Technics can design, manufacture, and assemble a custom computer solution optimized for your application.